We provide an exclusive range of non-woven bags in different colors that are lightweight as well as durable. These bags are made with high-quality materials and are available in different cut designs such as D-cut, U-cut, handle bags, etc., and can be printed for promotional purposes as per the requirements. These bags are also disposable which makes them environmentally friendly for every environment-conscious user.

Non Woven Bags

U cut Bags

U Cut Bag U-CB1
U Cut Bag U-CB2
U Cut Bag U-CB3
U Cut Bag U-CB4
U Cut Bag U-CB5
U Cut Bag U-CB6

Box Bag

Box Bag BB1
Box Bag BB2
Box Bag BB3
Box Bag BB4
Box Bag BB5
Box Bag BB6
Box Bag BB7
Box Bag BB8

D cut Bags

D Cut Bag D-CB1
D Cut Bag D-CB2

Drawstring Bags

Drawstring Bag

Handle loop Bags

Handle loop Bag HL1
Handle loop Bag HL2
Handle loop Bag HL3
Handle loop Bag HL4
Handle loop Bag HL5